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Mo, 15. Februar 2021

Knall bei Delain!

Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal
15.02.2021 - Delain - Z7 Pratteln 2019 - Foto Kaufi

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Bei den holländischen Symphonic Metallern Delain hat’s geknallt! Die Band wird fortan als Solo-Projekt des Keyboarders Martjin Westerholt weitergeführt. Delain-Sängerin Charlotte Wessels schockiert heute die Metal-Welt mit einem ausführlichen Statement auf Facebook. Demzufolge steigt sie nach 16 Jahren aus der Band aus, genauso wie Otto Schimmelpenick van der Ojie (Bass), Timo Somers (Gitarren) und Joey Marin de Boer (Drums).

Das volle Statement von Charlotte, wie sie es in den Sozialen Medien gepostet hat, ist hier zu lesen:

«Delain has been my world for nearing 16 years, which is half of my life and my entire career. So it is with a heavy heart that I am confirming that Delain will continue as Martijn’s solo project, and my involvement with Delain ends here.

At this time, I know that you might have questions about the ‘why’ in all of this. I fully understand and respect that. Simply put, it is the sad conclusion of more than a year of trying to find solutions to built up grievances. Part of me feels like I’m letting all of you down, I’d like you to know that this decision was not taken lightly and I apologise to those of you who had high hopes of seeing all of us together live on stage again after lockdown. Until recently, I thought this might still be in the cards for us as well.
In the last 15 years we have released music that we have poured our heart and soul into. We have toured the world, rocked so many stages and met so many wonderful fans; I cherish all of that beyond measure. Every eye locked during a lyric, every front row high five, every after show hug (remember hugs?) From the sweaty hole in the wall to the Wembleys, Wackens, and Paradisos of our career. The memories we – band, crew, fans – have made together, will last forever. And in the end, they are more important to me than the differences that we couldn’t overcome, so that’s where I’d like the focus of the narrative to be.

So where do we go from here? Otto, Timo and Joey are also leaving Delain, but will carry on making music with their own projects. Make sure you’re following what they’re up to. I can’t wait to see and hear how they will take the world by storm. Martijn will continue with Delain, and although it may be painful at first to see a Delain that I’m not a part of, I do wish him the very best in this new chapter. Like any relationship, our creative partnership has required work at times, but it has also been incredibly fruitful and I am grateful for all the things that we made together. Finally, I hope that Delain remains a positive force in everyone’s lives. We Are The Others, always will be, and none of this changes that.

As for myself, I’ll keep writing and performing music. It is the thing that gives me joy and purpose. I’m beyond grateful for my amazing community on Patreon, something that was supposed to be a side project from Delain, but will now be the primary place that I release music and create art and community.

This platform allows me to keep creating independently and I am thankful for all patrons that make this possible. I am dedicated to bring you my absolute best, and look forward to making magic with all of you.»
Damit dürfte dies das Ende der neben Nightwish wohl besten Truppe dieses Genre sein. Zuerst Marco Hietala, der bei den Finnen aussteigt, nun das Ende von Delain. Wahrlich keine schönen Zeiten für Symphonic Metal Fans!
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